This prototype consists of a parking lot, typical of one which could serve a commercial, industrial, or multi-family residential land use.  The lot consists of "double loaded" parking aisles with planting islands. The analysis considers variations of the placement of the islands and the provision of trees, to cover a range of potential planting densities as described below:

  1. Provision of a parking configuration comprising four double-loaded parking bays (8 rows of parking and four access aisles) uninterrupted by planting islands (approximately one acre of pavement).  The layout is landscaped with small trees (25-foot crown spread) placed at the outer perimeter of the parking area.  Tree spacing within longer planting islands was set at 27 feet on center. 
  2. Provision of a parking configuration consisting of two double-loaded parking bays, separated by a planting island from an additional two double-loaded parking bays. The same total number of parking spaces is provided as in the first scenario, but additional planting space is included.  For this alternative, large trees (40-foot crown) were included at 45-foot spacing.
  3. Provision of a parking configuration of four double-loaded parking bays, with each bay separated by a landscaped island.  Large trees with a 45-foot spacing were included for this scenario.

These planting strategies are shown in the links below.

Perimeter Island

One Intermediate Landscaped Island

Three Intermediate Landscaped Islands