Section 6. Stormwater Runoff Site Management

Protecting water resources from stormwater runoff is often a multi-step process for hobby farmers, where avoiding and minimizing potential problems is generally the first step. Proper planning can save time and money as opposed to dealing with a larger problem later on. 

Section 6. Stormwater Runoff Site Management

Section 6: Introduction

FACT SHEET 6.1: Vegetated Buffers

FACT SHEET 6.2: Vegetated Filter Strips

FACT SHEET 6.3: Vegetated Swales

FACT SHEET 6.4: Infiltration Trenches and Dry Wells

FACT SHEET 6.5: Rain Gardens

FACT SHEET 6.6: Rain Barrels and Cisterns

FACT SHEET 6.7: Tree Planting for Water Quality

CHECKLIST 6A: Stormwater Runoff Site Management