Section 5. Animal Management For Water Quality

Proper pasture and animal yard management is an important component to a successful hobby farm to support healthy animals and sustainable land management practices. 

The use of pastures and animal yards by livestock, horses and other farm animals can cause signi´Čücant land disturbance resulting in soil erosion, stormwater runoff and the pollution of nearby water resources. Good animal management includes taking measures to address the following: 

  • Space – adequate space for animals is essential, both outdoors and indoors
  • Grass and Grazing – manage grass and grazing to prevent overgrazing and erosion
  • Manure – develop a successful manure management plan
  • Mud – properly implement mud management practices
  • Water Resource Areas – manage shoreline areas for water quality protection
  • Fencing – develop techniques to keep animals where you want them
  • Water Supply – provide suitable water sources, other than streams and ponds

Section 5. Animal Management For Water Quality

Section 5. Introduction

FACT SHEET 5.1: Animal Space Needs

FACT SHEET 5.2: Grazing and Grass Management

FACT SHEET 5.3: Mud Management

FACT SHEET 5.4: Manure Management

FACT SHEET 5.5: Animal Manure Composting

FACT SHEET 5.6: Controlling Animal Access to Waterways: Fencing

FACT SHEET 5.7: Controlling Animal Access to Waterways: Crossings

FACT SHEET 5.8: Controlling Animal Access to Waterways: Alternative Water Sources

CHECKLIST 5A: Animal Management for Water Quality