Section 4. Nutrient Management For Water Quality

Many hobby farmers measure success by the abundance of their harvest of fruits and vegetables or their forage crops. This achievement can often be traced back to healthy soil and nutrient management practices.  

Some hobby farmers are fortunate to have sites with a thick layer of fertile soil rich in microorganisms. However, even good soils can become nutrient depleted or erode over time. Regardless of what you are growing, soils will generally need to be managed to return nutrients into the soil to support healthy plalnt growth. 

While nutrients are an essential component of many natural environments, an overabundance in our surface water can cause a reduction in water quality. 

Section 4. Nutrient Management for Water Quality

Section 4. Introduction

FACT SHEET 4.1: Understanding Your Soil

FACT SHEET 4.2: The Importance of Annual Soil Testing

FACT SHEET 4.3: Essential Plant Nutrients

FACT SHEET 4.4: Understanding Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Types

FACT SHEET 4.5: Fertilizer: What's in the Bag

FACT SHEET 4.6: Keeping Nutrients in Your Soil: Alternative Planting Methods

FACT SHEET 4.7: Plant Material Composting

FACT SHEET 4.8: Nutrient and Soil Amendment Application

CHECKLIST 4A: Nutrient Management for Water Quality